Meet Our Doctors

Dr Carmen Hawker

With a Master’s degree in Chiropractic, the completion of her Masters Dissertation on the Prevalence of Back Pain in Pregnancy, as well as a Published article in the journal of Interdisciplinary Health Sciences, She is also a qualified Webster Practitioner and qualified through the International Paediatric Chiropractic Association (ICPA) from the USA.

Dr Carmen Hawker grew up in a small town in Mpumalanga and moved to sunny Durban when she was 11 years old. She completed school and then went onto study, where she completed her Master’s in Chiropractic, at the Durban University of Technology.  Since moving to Durban, she received Chiropractic care since the age of 12, and as a result, she understands just how important and effective Chiropractic care is from a very young age.

Before graduating, Dr Carmen worked for a Rugby club in Durban North treating up and coming rugby stars for 4 years. But soon she realised that her calling was in serving the family unit and opened a family-based practice.  This is when the idea for Hawker Chiropractic was born – a place of support and guidance for families, with a focus on promoting chiropractic care, movement, good nutrition, healthy mindset, and a healthy lifestyle. 

Dr Carmen, as an avid cross-fitter and is a firm believer in moving your body daily through functional movement and living a life of balance to the best of your ability. She also believes strongly in the idea of helping people relieve their pain in a non-invasive way and without the use of medication.

Dr Carmen is an eager, dedicated, and energetic Chiropractor ready to welcome you to the Hawker Chiropractic family!

Dr Tasmiya Tayob

Dr. Tasmiya Tayob earned her Master’s of Health Sciences degree from the Durban University of Technology, with a masters in Chiropractic and focused her dissertation on a student’s perspective regarding the application of evidence-based practice. She had the honor of being chosen as a presenter at the Chiropractic Education Research Forum’s conference in 2023.

Born in Johannesburg, raised in Mozambique, and now residing in Durban, Dr. Tayob’s affection for children has been a lifelong passion. Her interest in pediatrics began early, and she firmly believes in the individualized capacity of the body to facilitate its own healing. Dr Tayob is a firm believer in uniquely enabling your body to heal itself and that no person fits into a box.

Fortunate to have learned alongside Dr. Carmen Hawker, Dr. Tayob brings an energetic and fun personality to her practice. She is delighted to welcome you to the Hawker Chiropractic Family, where the focus is on empowering the unique healing potential within each individual.


A Chiropractor Who Cares

Dr Carmen is especially passionate about offering Chiropractic care for pregnant woman, new-borns, and infants, but also treating patients of all ages. With Chiropractic support at every stage during their pregnancy, expecting moms experience a much more comfortable pregnancy, and delivery. Treating infants and children of all ages, Dr Carmen offers drug-free solutions for a variety of common issues including colic, breastfeeding problems, reflux, and constipation. Dr Carmen also has a true passion for helping and treating chronic pain patients, of all ages. In Dr Carmen Hawkers care, your whole family’s health is truly supported and taken care of.

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